Every journey starts with a single step. To describe how it was depends on how much we understand, admit and tell. The rest is up to Time2Placetm

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    The Process and Logic of Time2Placetm are simple and straightforward
  • Take your camera, video, voice recorder, GPS  enabled gadget (Garmin, GPS logger, something that will record coordinates of your journey), smart phone of any brand and make, instruments to measure any features.
  • Record films, shoot photos, tape voices, memos, thoughts, record measurements.
  • Copy your data on the computer, send to web servers, cloud services  or similar.
  • Run Time2Placetm and point to your data.
  • With just one magic instruction and one click all your data will be perfectly placed  on Google Earth with sub-second accuracy.
  • Time2Placetm will tell  when it happened and where it was.
  • Edit your data on Time Line to suit your needs and export the data into many already available presentations, forms and formats.
  • Create products based on your data and on-line topographic maps which Time2Placetm provides for free. Use your own maps.
  • Share your outdoor experience like never before. Enjoy, create, edit, manage, publish and engage whatever you do or discover out there.