Tools to Manage your Data 
Use mixture of any of the files created by following (but not limited to) digital devices:tm
GPS device, Camera, Video Camera, iPHONE, iPAD, Android, Windows PHONE, Nokia product range and similar, Olympus Voice recorder and similar, GoPro HERO sport video camera range and similar, high end RAW cameras , high end VIDEO equipment. All Tools work with free Google Earth Desktop application.

Tools to Create variety of Products 
Based on your data, topographic and street level maps. Use on-growing Time2Placetm family of tools. All Tools work with free Google Earth Desktop application.

*ANNOUNCEMENT  Creating full blown videos from Google Earth Tours available soon at no extra cost for existing users. (Check this videos)

Highlighted Tools and Products

  • Create USB Key Photo Album to watch on TV with 100% correct display order on any TV set. Years, months, days, hours, quarter of an hour and minutes folders can be defined.
  • Capture stunning friezed frames from Videos created by Go Pro HERO cameras and create products with distinction.
  • Geocode your PHOTOs, VOICEs and film Frames by just one click based on Time2Placetm MAGIC Instruction.
  • Import GPS data from 100+ of GPS formats.
  • Create Garmin user maps based on your positional data.
  • Create mapped video frames of your trip.
  • Create KML/KMZ documents from your data.
  • Create breath taking Google Earth Tours with PHOTOs, recorded VOICEs and background music.
  • Export your data to be used in other mapping and GIS systems.
  • Engrave your photos with relevant data.
  • Create geotagged PHOTOs.
  • Convert Video into series of PHOTOs.
  • Convert Video into MP3 voice.
  • Create Time2Placetm Data from your iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows PHONE multimedia files.
  • Create PDF* mapping.
  • Create PDF* stripe maps for printing.
  • Create PDF* booklets for printing, Flip Book creation, e-Book creation.
  • **

* PDF document creation tool available soon at no extra cost for existing customers. 
** More product creation tools are just around the corner and will be released at no extra cost for existing customers.

Free Online Access to Topographic and Street Maps

and counting ...
Use your own Time2PlaceTM maps
Created and prepared by 3rd party tool MAPC2MAPC. Virtually any map format is supported. Including Ozi Explorer.

Display and Manage your Data using LiveConnect Google Earth Desktop Application (download)
Experience Couple of Products Created by Time2Placetm   (click to view)

Last but not Least
Time2Placetm team has many years of experience in creating and delivering applications related to mapping. With Time2Placetm technology you get to know a partner who listens to your initiatives and takes into account your suggestions.
If you come from professional organizations and are interested in the integration of Time2Placetm technology in your business processes, the team is open to discussion and co-operation. Just drop us a line explaining your initial thoughts.

Feel free to download DEMO Data, Sample products, Documentation and Time2Placetm Software for Test and Validation. (download)