Windows Environment to Run Time2Placetm

Time2Placetm needs Client 4.0 .NET framework or higher to run. Installer will install it during installation process if not installed yet.

On rare occasions it might happen that Client 4.0 .NET framework is installed on target computer but it is corrupted. In this case just download Client 4.0 .NET framework installation from here and run it. There is no need to install Program again.

Instructions, Presentations and DEMO DATA
Time2Placetm Downloads content is available in RAR compressed format.

If RAR decompressor is not installed on your computer we suggest to pick up one of the following options:

Free RAR Extract Frog 5.20 , RarZilla Free Unrar 5.10 , Free RAR Extract or Free WinRAR

Watching Demo and Instruction VIDEOs
In order to give you the best experience how to use Time2Placetm live Demo and Instruction VIDEOs were created using excellent tool WM Capture

Demo and Instruction VIDEOs are available in mpg and mp4 format.
mpg format is used for Instruction VIDEOs where VOICEs from Time2Placetm are recorded at the same time as live explanation. It is dual audio Video which Windows Media Player plays well. More information and download Windows Media Player available here.

Contact us
If you have questions, suggestions or problems send as an email to