Download Policy Was Changed Recently

1. In order to understand Time2PlaceTM in action the short way we will create a set of products from your test data for free.

2. Please select any Server/Cloud you are familiar with.

3. ZIP your GPS Data (GPX format Preferably) and Photos created while your GPS device was logging positions. Yo can include mp3 file which will be used as background music for Google Earth Tour product.

4. Upload ZIP file and send us a link to to download.

5. In a couple of days you will receive set of products created from your data. If necessay we will send you an email if clarification is needed. We will use your data for the sole and only purpose of your demonstration.

After demo files are created your data will be removed from our environment. If you are not familiar with Server/Cloud upload please google for "free upload cloud servers" and take it from there.
Best regards, Time2PlaceTM Team